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Corporate-wide automation

Cognitive Skills for Content Automation

Process Intelligence

ABBYY Timeline

A Process Intelligence platform that allows businesses to use the information contained within their systems to create a visual model of their processes, analyze them in real time to identify bottlenecks, and predict future outcomes.

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Data and Document Capture

Employee productivity

PDF, OCR and Document Comparison

Developer tools


ABBYY FineReader Engine

Powerful OCR SDK to integrate ABBYY’s state-of-the-art document OCR, ICR, OMR, OBR, document imaging and PDF conversion technologies into various applications for server, desktop, mobile, MFP or other  devices.

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ABBYY Mobile Web Capture

A JavaScript based SDK that can be embedded into your on-boarding processes to automatically capture any document using a mobile camera within a webpage. Just point your device’s camera at a document and Mobile Web Capture does all the work -- no clicks or adjustments required.

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ABBYY Mobile Capture

Mobile Capture is an SDK that helps you create smooth customer self-service experiences with automatic data capture within your mobile app, providing real-time recognition and capturing photos of documents for back-end processing.

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Data Capture SDKs

Machine Learning